What motivates you at work?

This week , the spirit of the corporate soul looking to learning and research has taken a backseat. I’ve lately been feeling the need for that extra shot of energy at work.

I often imagine a web portal where , one can transact energy bites for bitcoins perhaps. But living in the real corporate world, comes with its own share of stress, anxiety and questions .

We often question the purpose of our work, the need to work long hours . The need to even work at times and why not lay in the soaking the sun and staring at oblivion .

But there is always that something. That something that keeps the wheel going. That keeps the fire of doing well alive at all times. Perhaps, its vision of a euphoria on completion of a priority task.

So what keeps you motivated at work . For me here is what keeps me going

  1. Learning : Any work that extends my senses to research and learn new things. That allows me to expand my knowledge and gives me the time to grow intellectually .

So what is it for you that keeps you motivated at work?



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