Lets Learn Docker and Containers with me

I am a novice when it comes to infrastructure world. But I am a curious soul when it comes to technology. I am starting on a new journey to learn Dockers and containers .

I will like to share my knowledge on a platform that will help others to get started on the same learning path.

So let’s start with the pre-requisites that are required to start with Dockers and Containers first. The series will cover and information on topics and commands , helpful links .

This write up will focus on how do we get started on Dockers and Containers .

I had zero knowledge on this area a month back. There were articles and a lot of information on the internet, that intrigued me to explore what dockers and containers are .Many of us do aspire to be part of the DevOps learning curve but with so much information online ,it can be challenging on what to focus on.

So let’s start by listing down what is required to start learning about dockers and containers

  1. A basic knowledge about linux . I found the courses in kodekloud.com and udemy has multiple courses on basics of linux .
  2. Second a basic understanding is required for virtualisation .

Well, thats about it to get started with learning Dockers and containers . In the next session I will write about Introduction to virtualisation and containers .

I am an IT professional with 12 years expereince in Datawarehousing. I am very curious on learning new technology