I am a novice when it comes to infrastructure world. But I am a curious soul when it comes to technology. I am starting on a new journey to learn Dockers and containers .

I will like to share my knowledge on a platform that will help others to get started on the same learning path.

So let’s start with the pre-requisites that are required to start with Dockers and Containers first. The series will cover and information on topics and commands , helpful links .

This write up will focus on how do we get started on Dockers and…

When I started learning Kubernetes, I was in awe of the amazing capabilities it showed to manage large complex mircroservices constructs , which in traditional setup’s will require considerable resources and complex management.

Kubernetes for those of you , who’ve just started learning , is an orchestration tool , that enables the management of containerised workloads and services .

Kubernetes architecture is divided into Control Plane and Data Plane. In this post I will not get into the details of Kubernetes architecture or construct. …

Priyanka Dey

I am an IT professional with 12 years expereince in Datawarehousing. I am very curious on learning new technology

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